Who I am


I am a researcher at the Research Center for Regional Resources of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PSDR-LIPI). I completed my PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, writing a dissertation focusing on the narratives of the May 1998 riots in Indonesia. It examines how the discourses of the May 1998 riots in Indonesia animate social imagination about a post-authoritarian state. The dissertation argues that the discourses of the riots highlight political affects embedded in the imaginations of the state as a porous, powerful, yet a desired political body. After finishing my PhD I joined the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle/Salle, Germany as a research fellow from 2007-2010. Currently I am also affiliated with Goettingen University as a research fellow in Cultural Property Research Group.

My interest covers many issues, but at this moment the effort to think science and technology as social practices fascinates me. I want to dig more into the realm of risk and uncertainty as the most important facets of modernit(ies). In addition, I have been developing critical analysis of legal and subjective norms, examining cultural property as practical relationship and identification as power relations.



  1. nice blog! Good to see an Indonesian anthropolog interested in public writing – Indonesia could use far more of that.

  2. thank’s for all

  3. Salam kenal, bolehkah saya mendapatkan disertasi Anda? Saya pemerhati May 1998 Tragedy. Terima kasih.

  4. O iya alamat e-mail saya :

  5. salam kenal,
    sungguh tepat isi blog ini dengan masalah yang saya hadapi.
    saya sedang menghadapi masalah dengan istri, dan dia mengajukan argumen psikologis.
    saya ingin menghubungi Anda langsung tetapi tidak ada e-mail Anda. bisakah saya dikirim e-mail Anda? Sekedar tanggapan pakar Anda atas masalah saya amat sangat saya butuhkan dengan segera. terima kasih banyak sebelumnya.

    Matur Kesuwun Mas,

  6. Halo Mas Fadjar, salam kenal. Saya sdh lama sebetulnya denger nama anda, dari Dadi atau Arskal, sayang belum sempet ketemu yah. Pertengahan April saya merencanakan ke Leipzig, mudah2an msh bisa ketemu. Saya akan di Bonn sampai akhir April, kembali ke Ciputat. Salam hangat. Oman

  7. Hello Mas Fadjar,

    I’m Indonesian Muslim, I’m a science student at Cambridge International School of Qatar, Middle East. I’m happy to read this blog, because it very nice blog.
    Nice to meet you (Salam Kenal Mas)
    Visit my blog too : zulfikars.wordpress.com


  8. Hello! I don’t know if you remember me–we met at SEASSI in Madison in 2000. I came across your blog and I think that it is wonderful. Your comments about my research ideas greatly improved my research proposals–I want to thank you for that. My research is done and I’m slogging through the task of writing. If you have a moment write me an email – I’d love to catch-up.

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